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Telekom integrates ticketing systems in IT support

Telekom Support Ticketing Integration

Via the TelekomCLOUD portal, Deutsche Telekom provides business customers with software and infrastructure solutions from the cloud. With its online marketplace, Telekom doesn't just offer a comprehensive selection of leading SaaS and IaaS solutions. Customers are also supported by a specially certified team of cloud experts offering customer service by telephone with individual advice and professional service. Also regarding technical problems, of course. Behind the scenes, IT support ensures that everything runs smoothly. However, first- and second-level support work with different ticketing systems. The system administrators have to transfer some data manually. Telekom used the flowground integration platform to efficiently automate this process.


Company: Deutsche Telekom AG 

Industry: Information and communications technology 

Location: Bonn, Germany 

Company size: 216,000 employees in 50 countries 

Turnover 2018: €75.7 million 

Company webseite: telekom.de/cloud

Integration project

Implementation period: March 2019

Implementation partner: in-house


The challenge: Time-consuming work in two systems

Technical support for the TelekomCLOUD portal is shared between two teams. First-level support is provided by around 60 employees in the Cloud ‘Customer Interaction Centre’ (CIC). Second-level support is the responsibility of a dedicated Business Operations (BizOps) team. If a customer calls in his support request to the CIC hotline, a separate ticket will be created. If a platform-related concern needs forwarding to the second level, interface losses occur. The reason: Due to their particular support processes, the teams use different ticketing systems. While the CIC agent creates tickets in OTRS, BizOps uses Jira as its collaboration software. As a result, CIC employees forward requests in OTRS to BizOps. The latter in turn has to transfer the information manually to Jira. This is not only awkward, but above all costs valuable time.

The goal: Cost-effective automation of manual processes

The support teams agree: Working in different systems is complicated and time-consuming. Nevertheless, employees still want to work with their familiar software. That's why they want a solution where both applications automatically communicate with each other in the background. Due to the sensitivity of customer data, the highest security standards must be ensured.

  • Time saving through automation of manual processes 
  • Comfortable working in the familiar application
  • Fast, efficient programming of an appropriate solution

The solution: Integration flow between OTRS and Jira

flowground Support Ticketing Integration

Die Kommunikation zwischen OTRS und Jira lässt sich automatisieren. Allerdings muss ein Systemintegrator dazu eine Schnittstelle zwischen Jira und OTRS programmieren – ein aufwendiger Prozess, der mehrere Monate in Anspruch nehmen kann. Deshalb entschied sich die Telekom für eine andere Lösung. „Als wir mit flowground in die Pilotphase gegangen sind, war die Integration der Ticketing-Systeme der naheliegenste UseCase für die eigene Anwendung im Haus. Die technischen Support-Teams suchten hier schon lange eine Lösung und wollten unbedingt mitmachen“, so Sebastian Lang, Senior Cloud Expert in der International Technology & Services Delivery der Deutschen Telekom. flowground der Telekom ist eine Integrationsplattform, die mit Open Source-basierten Konnektoren Schnittstellen zu gängigen Applikationen modular anbietet. Das Besondere daran: Diese Konnektoren lassen sich ohne großen Aufwand zu einem sogenannten Integration Flow zusammenfügen. Dieser verbindet die beiden Systeme. Nötige Anpassungen sind in der Regel in wenigen Stunden erledigt.

Two become one

  • flowground: Sebastian Lang

    Everything goes very quickly with the connectors. I need at most one day for programming. If I had to start from scratch, it would take a lot longer.

    Sebastian Lang, Senior Cloud Expert and Head of Software Development flowground at Deutsche Telekom

For the TelekomCLOUD support teams, the connectors for Jira and OTRS were combined on the flowground platform. In the resulting integration flow, the data moves in two directions: from OTRS to Jira and back. In this way, the two applications synchronise automatically. Updated tickets are processed sequentially by the system. To avoid problems with versioning, this happens in the background. As soon as the integration flow has updated the data, the user receives a status update. In this way all employees receive the current status in their usual application – without the annoying transfer of tickets.

Result: efficient connection of two systems

In just a few work steps, Telekom has linked completely different systems with each other. The effort took hardly more than a day – a fast and cost-effective solution for the Group. And with lasting success: Support employees benefit from fewer work steps and have more time for their core business. flowground's secure cloud environment guarantees the protection of sensitive customer data at all times. In addition, the solution is expandable. The integration flow can, for example, be extended by the ticketing system Zendesk. “This opens up further possibilities,” says Sebastian Lang “in the medium term we will be able to integrate our customers' ticket systems. They would then no longer have to pick up the phone.” The solution thus offers an improvement in service that Deutsche Telekom can pass on directly to its customers. And in the shortest possible time. Lang confirms: "As soon as a template exists, it is very easy to reproduce!”

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