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How haircare retailer Wild Beauty ensures shelves are always full

flowground: Wild Beauty

Noah Wild, Managing Director of a haircare product retailer, had a problem: He noticed that hairdressers often do not have the opportunity to reorder his products due to their hectic daily schedules. This was costing him sales. His solution was to create a smartphone app with which hairdressers can quickly and easily reorder products – and which is directly connected to the enterprise resource planning system of Wild Beauty. This enables him to ensure the availability of his products at the point of sale, while at the same time minimizing effort and errors caused by manual data transfers. The app was integrated into the ERP system in record time and at low cost with flowground.

In this article, you will learn more about

  • the challenges facing Wild Beauty when connecting the app to the ERP system, 
  • how the integration was implemented at low cost, in a short period of time and without great programming effort via API-based software connectors, and 
  • how the solution was accepted in the trade and how it significantly simplified the ordering process for hairdressers.

Entrepeneur family Wild


Name: Wild Beauty GmbH
Industry: Retail
Location: Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany
Company size: 47 employees
Turnover: 26 million €
Company website:


Purpose: Data exchange between smartphone app and ERP system
Implementation period: June 2019
System integrator: CAMAO AG


Challenge: Forgotten reorders harm sales

One thing Noah Wild kept noticing when visiting hairdressing salons was that the shelves containing the hair products often sold to customers after their haircut were often not fully stocked. “Ideally, the shelves should be stocked with three bottles of each type of shampoo. However, often there were only one or two – or sometimes none at all,” explains Wild.

Hectic schedules mean that hairdressers often do not think about reordering shampoo bottles. But empty shelves not only cost the salons, but Wild too.

Together with his sister Mira, he runs the haircare product distributor Wild Beauty. The family-owned company from Seeheim-Jugenheim in Hesse sells products from the Paul Mitchell, Kemon, Stagecolor and John Paul Pet brands exclusively to hairdressers, who in turn sell them to their customers. However, this can only work when the shelves are sufficiently stocked. “You can’t sell something if you don’t have it,” says Wild.

However, Wild, who is also responsible for the internet presence and ERP system at Wild Beauty, developed a creative, technical solution for this problem – which he was able to implement in record time and at a low cost thanks to the flowground integration platform.

Launch in record time and at low cost

Solution: An app for reordering via photo with lean ERP integration

Wild’s solution was an app. When a salon employee notices that the last bottle of shampoo is about to be sold, they can simply scan the EAN code on the bottle using the camera on a smartphone, thereby immediately triggering a reorder.

flowground: Wild Beauty App 1 flowground: Wild Beauty App 2 flowground: Wild Beauty App 3

But how does the data from the app reach the Comarch ERP system? The developers from CAMAO in Darmstadt found a solution. They suggested connecting the app and the ERP system using the flowground integration platform.

The solution from Deutsche Telekom is based on connectors which link software applications to the flowground platform via existing interfaces (APIs). This enables the data exchange between software applications – without excessive programming effort being required for the integration. The connectors are open frameworks which every software developer who knows about APIs can implement in a short period of time. Once connected to the platform, flowground enables processes to be represented as “flows” during their configuration, which then run automatically.

The result: A quick and easy solution that works

The integration via connectors for smapOne and the Comarch ERP system is as follows: The app is updated daily with the master data from the Wild Beauty ERP system. At the other end, the day’s orders are collected and automatically sent by email to Wild Beauty as a CSV file. Ideally, the ordered products will arrive the day after the order was placed.

As such, flowground radically simplified the data integration between the app and the ERP system. “By using flowground, we didn’t have to develop anything to integrate our app into the ERP system. This saved money and ensured we could get started quickly,” explains Wild.

With flowground, CAMAO was able to finish the test app including ERP connection in just one week. This not only saved time and money for Wild Beauty, but also made it far easier for their customers to order.

Wild presented the solution to 50 hairdressers at an event – and the reception was very positive. The app is currently being tested by 30 salons. If it becomes apparent that the app results in more reorders, Wild aims to expand and provide it to other salons – all 4,000 that Wild Beauty supplies, if possible.

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Haircare product distributor Noah Wild realized that hairdressers often do not have the opportunity to reorder his products due to their hectic schedules. His solution was to create an app that makes ordering easy. The app was integrated into the ERP system in record time and at low cost thanks to flowground.

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