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Special data transformation connector based on JSONata. The JSONata transformation connector takes the incoming message body and applies the configured JSONata transformation to it. The connector only supports action functionality, so you can use it to run a specific event. For example, you can remove a currency acronym from a price if you are only interested in the number, or you can split the Full Name field into the First Name and Last Name fields."

Functions and use cases

JSONata Perform Transformation

As a developer of an integration workflow, I want to edit a data source in JSON format using JSONata transformation rules to make it available for the next step in the workflow.

JSONata Transformation - Example

As an IT specialist in marketing, I want to filter out and process all customer data from a specific postcode area to provide input to the campaign management tool.

  • Category: Developer Tools
  • Provider: elastic.io GmbH
  • Used API: jsonata.org
  • Managed: -
  • License: Proprietär
  • Programmed with: javascript

For productive use you need a project room, which is subject to a fee.

Prices and Editions

Version number: 3

Last change 09/11/2018

Technical Specifications

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