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Splits a message into multiple arrays. Because the mapper does not split incoming arrays, you must use the splitter connector beforehand if your integration flow logic requires inbound data to be split before the next application connector can work with it. For example, you can split incoming e-mail addresses into first names, last names, and Web sites of e-mail address owners, given they are spelled with specific conditions.

Functions and use cases

Splitting JSON objects

As a developer of an integration workflow, I access JSON objects of type Array, which I want to split into individual JSON objects for further processing in the flow. For example, address objects are conceivable, which are to be separated into their individual components.

  • Category: Developer Tools
  • Provider: elastic.io GmbH
  • Used API: elastic.io GmbH
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For productive use you need a project room, which is subject to a fee.

Prices and Editions

Version number: 3

Last change 09/11/2018

Technical Specifications

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Teilt eine Message in mehrere Messages unter Verwendung eines gegebenen Trennzeichens. Das Trennzeichen wird als Pfad zu einer Eigenschaft innerhalb der Nachricht behandelt. Wenn die Eigenschaft ein Array ist, wird die Nachricht aufgeteilt und es werden mehrere Nachrichten gesendet. Andernfalls wird die ursprüngliche Nachricht ausgegeben.




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