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Configuration connector for separating configurable values from the flow. The connector allows you to separate the change of configurable values from the change in the flow. For example, you want to synchronize prices between an ERP system and an online store. Prices in ERP exist only in currency A, but the prices in the online store are in currency B. In addition, you have multiple flows associated with this scenario. You now want to convert prices because the data is moved between systems at a fixed price that must be the same between all flows.

Functions and use cases

Sending JSON Objects

As a developer of an integration workflow, I want to send JSON objects to the following integration step. The connector is very generic because it can contain any JSON object. This can be used, for example, to centralize configurations.

  • Category: Utility
  • Provider: elastic.io GmbH
  • Used API: elastic.io GmbH
  • Managed: -
  • License: Proprietär
  • Programmed with: javascript

For productive use you need a project room, which is subject to a fee.

Prices and Editions

Revision: Version number: 1

Last change 11/23/2018

Technical Specifications

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Emits configuration data (must be a valid JSON object) as a message




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