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A connector to send SMS to one or more recipients through the AllMySMS API. The AllMySMS connector works with the AllMySMS service so you can easily integrate SMS communication into any of your flows. It only supports the action functionality, you can send single or bulk SMS to one or more recipients. The AllMySMS connector includes a demo API key and a "trial" send option.

Functions and use cases

Sending an SMS

As the developer of an integration flow, I want to send an SMS when a specific event occurs.

Example - Sending Multiple SMS

As the developer of an integration flow, I would like to send an SMS with the current sales figures to the respective revenue managers at periodic recurring times.

  • Category: Marketing Automation
  • Provider: elastic.io GmbH
  • Used API: AllMySMS
  • Managed: -
  • License: Proprietär
  • Programmed with: javascript

For productive use you need a project room, which is subject to a fee.

Prices and Editions

Revision: Version number: 1

Last change 09/11/2018

Technical Specifications

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Use this action to send SMS to one or multiple numbers. Limitations: Sender Name - 3 to 11 characters, only alpha-numeric (A-Z/0-9) and must start with a letter. Message Text - 160 characters for a single SMS.




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