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How Logata automates e-commerce processes

Logata Digital Solutions GmbH from Bocholt, Germany - software developer & system integrator

For more than 20 years, Logata Digital Solutions has been working as a software manufacturer and system integrator for its customers. Logata specialises in creating digital business processes for logistics and trade. For example, the IT service provider ensures in the case of mail order firms that their webshops and warehouse management automatically communicate with each other. But programming such processes costs time and money. With the integration platform flowground, the system integrator now offers its solutions faster while continuing to be secure and cost-effective.

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • the challenges Logata faces when integrating e-commerce processes,
  • how the integration platform flowground offers an efficient solution through standardised connectors, and
  • why the company can set up faster and more cost-effective business processes as a result.

Name: Logata Digital Solutions GmbH

Industry: System integration and software development

Location: Bocholt, Germany

Company size:
100 employees in three locations

Turnover in 2018: € 12 million

Company webseite:

Integration project

Implementation period: one of the first pilot partners on the platform since September 2018

Customer: Spedition Nüllig u. Haß oHG

Getting faster to individual solutions

The challenge: Time-consuming programming of automated processes

Anyone ordering a pair of shoes in an online shop wants to be sure that they are actually available. One also expects up-to-date information about when to expect the goods. Mail-order retailers must therefore be able to map the corresponding business processes with their software – and doing so as lean as possible: The more automated the process, the more efficient the business. This is where Logata comes in. The company creates precisely such workflows for its customers. The IT service provider must ensure that ordering processes, warehouse logistics, customer communication and much more all smoothly interact. This is not a trivial matter. “Connecting the relevant information into a seamless, transparent process means a lot of individual programming effort,” says Logata Managing Director Andreas Trautmann. “This quickly drives up costs.” And Logata has to pass those on to its clients. The time factor also plays a role – customers often have to wait several weeks for implementation.

The goal: Efficient linking of logistics processes

Customers want affordable, ready-to-use processes. Trautmann confirms this: “We need solutions that can be networked quickly, flexibly and inexpensively to form a transparent workflow.” Data security is also an important issue that the IT service provider must handle for its customers.

  • Secure and cost-effective transfer of software systems into automated business processes
  • Enable faster time-to-market for customers
  • Increase your own competitiveness

Getting faster to individual solutions

Solution: Connecting e-commerce systems with flowground

To enable Logata to make business processes available in a shorter time, the IT service provider uses flowground, the integration platform from Deutsche Telekom. This provides ready-to-use API connectors that can be combined to form so-called ‘integration flows’. These run on a high-performance platform that Telekom securely hosts in its own data centres in Germany.

flowground: Logata e-commerce

An example: If a customer wants to connect the webshop, warehouse and their order communication, Logata relies on existing connectors – such as the in-house warehouse management software Logistic Mall, the customer's online webshop and the e-mail application Mailgun. This allows the system integrator to set up a functioning workflow with standardised interfaces: the integration flow. And it takes just a few hours. “flowground makes programming easier,” confirms Logata Managing Director Andreas Trautmann. “The standardised interfaces can be individually configured in the project room in the shortest possible time."

The integration flow ensures data exchange in two directions. If, for example, an employee in the warehouse books goods into the Logistic Mall software, the integration flow transfers this information to the webshop. Conversely, if a consumer orders an article from the webshop, the integration flow automatically ensures that it is booked out of the stock in the warehouse. If the product leaves the warehouse, the system in turn communicates with Mailgun and the customer receives an automated confirmation e-mail. This results in a smooth, automated ordering process without any media disruption or manual processes.

The result: Fast & reliable implementation

The client benefits from long-term processes, transparency and efficiency. In addition, flowground offers data security “made in Germany” to the system integrator for the data exchange of its connected applications within the platform. Last but not least, the client gets the solution at a good price and in a short time – which in turn increases Logata's customer satisfaction. Logata Managing Director Andreas Trautmann is enthusiastic: “With the connectors, the customer's systems can be integrated more easily and quickly and the costs of the digitalisation project remain manageable.” He adds: "As a competent digitalisation partner, we can now use the possibilities of the flowground platform to implement even more complex integration projects for our customers – in the shortest possible time and at lower cost."

More use cases

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