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Starke+Reichert digitises medium-sized companies

The management of Starke+Reichert started early to focus on digitization

Starke+Reichert from Kassel can look back on a long tradition: The company started in 1954 with manual double-entry bookkeeping. Today Starke+Reichert is digital – the focus is on system integration and software development. The portfolio includes Starke-DMS®, the in-house application for document management. In addition, Starke+Reichert provides support to small and medium-sized companies in the their digitisation process. It is precisely here that the hurdles can often be great, especially with regard to security and maintenance costs. With the flowground integration platform from Deutsche Telekom, Starke+Reichert can now offer its customers an all-round worry-free package.

In this article, you will learn more about:

  • which challenges Starke+Reichert faces in the implementation of digitisation strategies with medium-sized customers,
  • how the flowground integration platform offers Starke+Reichert an ideal solution for the automation of business processes, and
  • why, as a result, both the IT service provider and its customers benefit from faster and cheaper solutions.

Name: Starke+Reichert GmbH & Co. KG
Industry: System integration and software development
Location: Kassel, Germany
Company size: 150 employees
Turnover 2018: € 24 million
Company websites:


Implementation period: One of the first pilot partners on the platform since September 2018
Client: in-house


The challenge: Process automation often recquires complex programming

When Starke+Reichert advises customers, they always have a holistic view of their respective business processes. A classic use-case: The IT service provider implements Starke-DMS® and recommends integrating the ERP system and financial accounting. If the applications automatically communicate with each other, manual processes are no longer necessary. This saves the company time and money in the long term. But programming such processes is extremely costly and time-consuming. And there is another problem: Individual, non-standardised solutions require intensive maintenance. With every release or update, the customer needs an expert to adapt the interfaces again. This not only takes more time and comes at additional costs. In the worst case, there is a risk of gruelling communication with a software manufacturer who does not feel responsible for problems with the release. Data security is also a key issue for medium-sized companies. Hardly any smaller company can imagine outsourcing its data into the cloud. Starke+Reichert was therefore looking for a way to make it easier for its customers to go digital. "We want to offer our customers as much as possible for their money," says Dr. Felix Reichert, Managing Director of Starke+Reichert. “In addition, we want to enable them to control their digital processes themselves without worries."

The goal: Lean, efficient solutions in the long term

Starke+Reichert needed a product with which it could remove its customers’ worries about digitalisation. On the one hand, it was to help medium-sized businesses to automate processes quickly and easily – without annoying follow-up costs. On the other hand, it was to offer them German security standards.

  • Offer customers added value such as efficiency and security
  • Create a low threshold for proprietary products
  • Save time and money in your own company

Sustainable worry-free system integration

The solution: Using standardised interfaces to create functioning codes

flowground: Starke + Reichert exhibition

Anyone automating applications for DMS, ERP and financial accounting has to keep an eye on numerous factors. All processes must function smoothly – for example, the processing of incoming invoices. When an invoice arrives, the DMS must recognize what type of document it is. It must rule out the possibility that the document is a delivery note or an order. The system then checks the invoice and transfers it to the ERP software. The latter in turn has to again carry out numerous steps, such as the comparison with the order or verification from the responsible department. If necessary, it is then transferred to financial accounting.

The system integrator must configure each of these processes in detail. To make this work more efficient, Starke+Reichert uses flowground. This is an integration platform that Deutsche Telekom hosts on its own servers in Germany. The special thing about it is that standardised connectors for many applications are immediately available on flowground – for example, for Starke-DMS® or SAP®. System integrator Andreas Kaß connects the standardised interfaces to functioning workflows, so-called ‘integration-flows’, within just a few hours. He can use both on-premise solutions and legacy IT systems, as well as cloud applications. The integration flows guarantee a reliable bidirectional data exchange – and thus a secure, fast and reliable solution. "This gives me a clear overview of the integration process," says Kaß. “In addition, the programming effort has been significantly reduced."

The result: Sustainable efficient system integration

With flowground, the clients of Starke+Reichert receive a programming service in the shortest time and at a good price. In addition, the system integrator can ensure data security “made in Germany” for the data exchange of the connected applications. They also need no longer worry about long-term follow-up costs. “The uniform standard of flowground simplifies automation,” says Dr. Reichert. “This takes a lot of worries away from medium-sized companies in the long run. They can concentrate on their core business instead of IT.” For Starke+Reichert, this has the additional advantage of being able to offer a more efficient product with the integration of Starke-DMS® into the flowground platform – and that, not least, strengthens their own competitiveness.

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