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With flowground, we offer you not just a platform, but an entire ecosystem. Now discover further information, such as a comprehensive documentation of the platform, online tutorials, and direct access to flowground in developer communities and at events.


Familiarise yourself with flowground: Here you will learn basic concepts and functions, getting step by step into the tools the platform provides. Beginners get a first overview – best start now!


Need concrete support or simply looking for inspiration? You can exchange ideas with other experts in open developer communities about flowground or find specialists for your integration project.

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flowground: Developer-Edition

Free Developer-Edition

Develop and test your
own connectors in flow

With the Developer-Edition, you get direct access to flowground from Deutsche Telekom.
This allows you to develop and try your own connectors for free, and then test them in a created flow.*

Three steps to your project room:

Developer Edition Step 1

1. Check your inbox

flowground is provided via the TelekomCLOUD portal. As a new user you will receive an e-mail asking you to register on the TelekomCLOUD marketplace. Already registered users are directed straight to the dashboard in the portal (see step 3).

Developer Edition Step 2

2. Register on the TelekomCLOUD portal

You will be redirected to the registration page on the TelekomCLOUD portal for the necessary account creation. Fill in the registration form to create and activate your account.

Developer Edition Step 3

3. Select the Developer-Edition in the dashboard

After registration, the Developer-Edition will be provided to you via the TelekomCLOUD portal. You can find it in the dashboard under: My Cloud > My Products. There you can book your flowground project room in the Developer-Edition for free and use it immediately.

*The Developer-Edition offers no opportunity for productive use/deployment nor any upgrade options to a productive edition. If you need this option, just use the 3-month Trial-Edition.
With the flowground Developer-Edition, we provide you with a fully functional edition free of charge for an unlimited period of time. With this edition you can load connectors from the Connector Catalog, and customise and create your own connectors, as well as build flows. The Developer-Edition does not allow productive use of the flows, as they are stopped regularly. The flowground editions, which are subject to a fee, are available for productive use. If you no longer want to use the Developer-Edition, you do not have to do anything. For the final deletion of your account, please contact customer service by phone.


To support beginners and advanced users, we offer a series of videos and online-tutorials on the flowground principle, the functions and the use of the integration platform.


ground from Deutsche Telekom

Get a first impression of how software manufacturers and system integrators can benefit from flowground. Get to know the project room and learn more about the integration of applications through connectors. Click here to launch video.


Your first Flow

This screencasts simply explains with a concrete example how the connection of applications works in the flowground platform and how you can easily create your first flow in a few steps. Click here to get to the video-tutorial (German version available only).


Deepdive connector development

flowground offers the possibility to create or modify connectors yourself. Our software developer Sebastian Lang shows how this works in his screencast. Click here to get to the video-tutorial (German version available only).


Get to know flowground and the platform’s capabilities at one of our events, and exchange ideas with other IT partners. Experts will give a live demo of the platform and be ready to answer questions. We also offer webinars for interested parties who want to get deeper into flowground.

Webinar: data integration


Integration of cloud-services and -data into your processes – without in-depth programming skills

Learn about the possibilities of efficiently integrating data from different sources in a live demo using concrete practical examples. We have recorded the webinar held on several dates in August for you. Click here to launch video (German).

Individual advice – free of charge and without obligation.

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