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The project room

For your integration projects, you get access to an isolated project room in which you can connect applications to a flow and run them.

flowground Platform: Project room Workspaces


In the project room, users and organisations are isolated through secure workspaces to ensure data protection. An unlimited number of workspaces can be created in a project room. Necessary information such as user credentials are only visible in the relevant workspace. Test, reference, and live instances enable rapid prototyping of digital solutions and flexible test setups for CX or UX testing.


An overview of all flows can be found on the dashboard. There you can monitor the execution of flows and view statistics, logs and bugs.

flowground Platform: Project room Dashboard
flowground Platform: Project room Flow-Creator

Flow Creator

In the Flow Creator, you can start, stop, or delete flows. A visual editor is available for creating new flows. This allows you to easily connect required connectors to a flow.


As an administrator, you can create or delete users and assign roles to them via the platform's user administration. This allows internal and external teams to access connectors and flows. This also applies to your entire project room, workspace and repositories.

flowground Platform: Project room collaboration
  • Import connectors from private or public repositories (git)
  • Fast import and export of modules, codes and snippets
  • Central dashboard for statistics, logs and debugging
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