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flowground is a cloud middleware for the automatic integration of applications and data from different sources. Connect cloud applications (SaaS) to each other and to existing on-premise or legacy IT systems in your company.

flowground Platform: Overview

The project room

For your integration projects, you get access to an isolated project room in which you can connect applications to a flow and run them.

flowground Platform: Project room Workspaces


In the project room, users and organisations are isolated through secure workspaces to ensure data protection. An unlimited number of workspaces can be created in a project room. Necessary information such as user credentials are only visible in the relevant workspace. Test, reference, and live instances enable rapid prototyping of digital solutions and flexible test setups for CX or UX testing.

flowground Platform: Project room Dashboard


An overview of all flows can be found on the dashboard. There you can monitor the execution of flows and view statistics, logs and bugs.

flowground Platform: Project room Flow-Creator

Flow Creator

In the Flow Creator, you can start, stop, or delete flows. A visual editor is available for creating new flows. This allows you to easily connect required connectors to a flow.

flowground Platform: Project room collaboration


As an administrator, you can create or delete users and assign roles to them via the platform's user administration. This allows internal and external teams to access connectors and flows. This also applies to your entire project room, workspace and repositories.

flowground Platform: Project room connector catalogue


In the project room you will find a list of all connectors provided in the flowground platform: the Connector Catalog. This also provides information about the Flow Creator, connector documentation, and support contact details.

  • Import connectors from private or public repositories (git)
  • Fast import and export of modules, codes and snippets
  • Central dashboard for statistics, logs and debugging


Connectors are the language of flowground: open frameworks that any software developer with knowledge of APIs can implement in a short time. Simply drag the required components into the project room from the Connector Catalog. If necessary, you can adapt them or create your own connectors and make them available on the platform.

Learn more:

  • More than 1,000 Swagger-based open-source connectors with full support for the APIs of the connected software for your custom integration project
  • Comprehensive Connector Catalog with ready-to-use managed connectors: Quality-assured connectors provide validated APIs (input/output) as well as technical support
  • Unmanaged third-party connectors: ready-to-use connectors developed and provided by the flowground community
  • Dynamic Swagger connector: dynamic connection of software on the basis of OpenAPI/Swagger-based REST API descriptions


With the Flow Creator you can intuitively create, modify or combine integration flows with existing flows without in-depth programming knowledge. The connectors ensure smooth bidirectional data exchange between the connected applications. If you create workspaces in a project room, development teams can work independently on different flows – in logically separated, secure environments.

flowground: Explanation Flows
  • Import flow templates from the flow catalog and reuse them directly with your own credentials
  • Export created flows to the flow catalog for distribution to the project team or public as a flow template
  • Create your own flows with the Flow Creator in the project room
  • Adapt imported flow templates to create your own flow

Open up new sales opportunities with flowground – efficient, secure and replicable

flowground Platform: Integration projects

Realise your integration projects more efficiently

Up to 80% time saving compared with conventional point-to-point projects: Meet the integration needs of your customers with less programming effort and shorter project runtimes.

Combine existing connectors to flows to build digitised processes for your customers.

Use existing data flows or adapt them individually to the needs of your customers.

flowground Platform: Data exchange

Ensure secure data exchange

The flowground platform is developed and operated according to the high security standards of Deutsche Telekom.

The processing of integration flows and the data exchange between connected applications within the platform takes place in Telekom's secure data centres in Germany. This enables system integrators to ensure EU GDPR-compliant data exchange between their software solutions.

flowground Platform sales potential

Unlock new sales opportunities

Enhance your software solution easily by connecting your applications to flowground via connectors and opening them for new customer groups.

Promote your services more broadly with standardized connectors that provide additional options of flow integrations for your application.

Benefit from the efficient connection of your solution to over 1,000 third-party applications through the flowground community.

You have any technical questions about the platform?

Technical documentation of the platform, online tutorials and more can be found here.

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